MRC Module

Pre-assembled unit for summer/winter climatic regulation and energy metering of underfloor systems in buildings with central heating and cooling. It includes a circuit for radiators and dehumidifiers, and it contains all the necessary elements for regulation and safety. Each module can control up to 16 temperature/humidity room sensors. In its basic configuration new MRC module can manage 2 room temperature sensors and 2 inputs for dehumidification and/or sensible cooling capacity (e.g. RNW 411). Max. 2 units mod. UC 300-M or UC 360-MHE can be controlled in the same configuration through Bus connection; alternatively, the optional LC-U expansion module (max. 2 items per each MRC module) can be used to manage a small air handling unit in all its operations. MRC module configuration and programming can be carried out by a user interface (IU-Pro) equipped with a display and a keyboard, or by touch panel (LC-TP Pro). MRC module is preassembled and pre-tested, and it includes a wired system and an electronic device of energy metering (for winter heating and summer cooling) with direct display of the data. The unit can be also connected with a data concentrator (optional component) through a Bus cable. Another optional component is represented by the volumetric meters for the domestic hot/cold water (output of impulses sending the data to the meter). The concentrator makes it possible to control the meter and the consumption of each flat through an analogue or GSM modem.
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Installation sheet MRC - Frame Door
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Installation instructions MRC - Cabinet and Connection Template
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Installation instructions MRC - Hydraulic Module Control Box
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CodeModelSize wxhxdWeightPackage
3300210 MRC Module 65x85x19 cm25.8 Kg1 pc
3300220 Cabinet and connection template 1 pc
3300230 Frame with door 1 pc
3307000 Anti-condensation insulation 1 pc

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