Ceiling/Wall System

b!klimax by RDZ is a complete, highly innovative heating and cooling system for walls and ceilings, which ensures a very low thermal inertia. Thanks to b!klimax the human body can perfectly balance its heat exchanges, increasing the level of perceived comfort. Innovative and versatile, b!klimax represents the ideal solution in residential and industrial applications, both for new constructions as well as for modernising old buildings, where it is important to maintain comfortable conditions all year round.
b!klimax range of solutions includes:
- b!klimax+ Copper 8 system
- b!klimax+ Quadrotto HP system
- b!klimax+ Quadrotto system
- b!klimax 8+ system with plasterboard
- b!klimax+ system with plasterboard
- Traditional b!klimax system
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Catalogue Ceiling/Wall b!klimax Systems